G.U.N. Project Underground - The Sonic Study

(My headcanon for the Sonic Series. Interpret as you will.)

Supervising staff:
The Commander
Dr. Leo Kintobor (Alias to establish his own work. Real Name: Ivo Robotnik)
Dr. Bertha Henderson
Dr. Xavier Lennox
Mr. Fred Kites, Programmer

Goal: Reverse engineer the Ultimate Life Form, as per final construction.

Added information: Each Doctor will be in charge of their creation, constructing it using the DNA available. 3 different mixtures will be used, as follows.

Control: No added benefits (Xavier)
Sample A: Minimized dark energy, and added light energy from Experiment 025: Chaos Energy
Wavelengths. (Leo)
Sample B: No dark energy, and 50% increase in Chaos energy over Sample A. (Bertha)

All three test subjects will be raised in VR environments, programmed to replicate a simulation
that will bring out the focus in all 3 subjects. Following an initial test by each programmer, all will be united.

Simulation Backstory: Aleena, Mother hedgehog noted for her magic power, rules over
a country. A prophecy states that she will be part of a council of four. However, she has
disappeared, due to the invasion of a tyrant, and also to help her children, who will also rule
alongside her, grow into their roles. 

Note: Xavier has noted the trite nature of the backstory. Truthfully, we are working on avoiding any similarities to Project Shadow. Xavier’s remarks recorded below:

“Great, yet another fairytale. You know, I’m almost expecting you to slap in a royal vizier at this point. Can’t we take things in a somewhat more modern direction? Because what this is- you can’t expect them to adapt if they have no real-world experience. We don’t use horses and bayonets, and that’s what this is teaching them to use.”

As per these remarks, modern similarities will be added.

Day 001: Chaos energy requires a focus point, and all test subjects have at least a small
amount of chaos energy. Solution: Instruments of magic. Fred must have misunderstood, so
now we have a guitar, drums, and keyboard programmed in as charms. Programming for areas
is at 20%.

Day 002: Bertha has volunteered a creative solution to our issues with rendering realistic
humans. A cybernetic suit will be created for one of the researchers to don, allowing whoever is in the suit to interface with the simulation seamlessly. Dr. Kintobor has volunteered, which will reflect as a change from his high scientific status, much like his name change.

First test subject has reached prelude state. This subject has been codenamed Manic by Dr
Xavier, due to its somewhat high energy.

Xavier: Ok, they want an even spread on personality for our test subjects. I’ll take this boy and
raise him as a thief, teaching him lessons about the world that will hone his wit and reflexes.

Bertha: Really? I just think you want him to break through the simulation.

Xavier: Try, Bertha. I want him to TRY to break through! We need a way to ensure the whole
thing is realistic. After all, The Commander will be running part of the project himself now!

Bertha: Doesn’t he have a name?

Xavier: He refuses to disclose it. Something about “Potential risks to security.”

Robotnik: You’d think he’d be more open.

Xavier: Even I don’t know everything about him. He seems to have a paranoia about aliens.

Commander: It’s called Preemptive planning, Xavier, and it’s something you could learn from.

Xavier: Says the person who hides in a robot suit, rather than fight on his own.

Commander: You, on the other hand, never even use the standard armor.

Bertha: He’s a guerrilla fighter, sir. You keep forgetting this.

Xavier: I bet, “Sir”, that you’re so dead set you couldn’t even take on raising a child!

Commander: I can, and in fact, I’m taking your project. Let’s see you do any better!

Xavier: Fine by me!

Day 003: Second test subject born. During initial testing, wound up breaking the sound barrier.
As a result, was nicknamed Sonic

Commander was called away on a mission with Bertha. I’m raising all three of these children

Sonic gets an average home, just as the commander wants. I’ll take this project myself if I have

Day 004:
Bertha is gone. The Commander told me first thing when he got back.

He’s raising Sonia, in the manner that she would have. I’ve given Sonic to Kintobor. That’s what
he wants to be called.

Gerald Robotnik has been eliminated from the world of science, tossed into the slammer for
insubordination. No doubt his son is ticked off that he was related to such a man.

Sonia was born. That’s her name. Sonia. These aren’t test subjects to me anymore. They’re the
children of hope for the world. 

{Note: Several pages are ripped out from the report at this point.}

Year 4, Day 50:
Xavier here.All of the subjects are ready for their final test.

I did some research on the transcripts from when Bertha vanished. They don’t show any death.
She’s gone AWOL, and I want to know why.

Kintobor is also searching the servers, looking for anything on Project Shadow. Makes sense.
We cloned these things off of that DNA, we’d better make sure it’s good and ready.

Have to hypnotize the subjects so that they don’t catch on. We’re moving them into fresh air for the first time.

Year 4, Night of day 50:
I found it all out. Bertha left during the Mission to the ARK, when we were told Gerald was a threat.

I found all the files relating to a robot that could save the world from devastation. These were
added recently. Gerald was just angry, not insane.

I took his son to him, and we learned that the GUN staff had gone above and beyond their
normal action. He even gave his son the files he’d logged onto the station right after he learned of the damages.

Ivo has lost his sister for good, and Bertha left in protest. The country we stand for is gone.

We rebel against G.U.N. during the last test. They want to see an enemy? We’ll give them
everything they ask.

Year 4, Day 51:
Xavier. I’m in the section of the base that was the VR lab. I’m going to reprogram the machinery.

Robotnik has reclaimed his name, and as a result of my anger, started turning sweet, innocent
things into robots for real. Jung would suggest that this is childlike rebellion.

Of course, no philosopher could have anticipated he’d try to harm the programmer.

Sonic was the one who stopped the machine, and also managed to blow up the suit that
Robotnik was using.

No one noticed Manic or Sonia, so I took them into the medbay to heal.

Southern Island Military Base has collapsed, and the military is dealing with other matters.

A perfect opportunity to figure this all out.

{More ripped pages.}

Year 15, Day 1: Shadow managed to escape the facility they put him in. I figure they’ll go for
Sonic as a replacement.

How profitable this blue blur has been! To think, his training wasn’t even complete yet. But we
can fix that, can’t we?

I wait for now. 

Year 20:

G.U.N. Briefing on the Black Comet Incident

Filed by the new Commander

While our main attempt was a failure, we did obtain our goal. The Black Arms Technology has
been destroyed, excepting various pieces that have been secreted away for study.

Shadow the Hedgehog is not considered viable for further attacks, unless we can give him
sufficient motivation. Our attempt to rope him back into the fold using Sonic the Hedgehog
was successful, but he was unable to fell the Black Arms Gunship, choosing to escape the city
instead. We were only able to track him after his entrance and exit from cyberspace.

Sonic was able to convince Shadow into joining our fight, but Shadow decided that he, and
only he, would be able to take down the foes. A fight with the G.U.N. Commander at the time
resulted in his defeat, but he was able to escape the Comet before the space station made

All attempts to study the Ultimate Life Form have been abandoned, save for one promising
subject, which has been retooled into an enhanced version of Robotnik’s Metal Sonic. However, this project went missing after completion. We suspect Robotnik, but have no evidence. 

File this data under extreme secrecy. If word got out about our influence on Shadow, we may
incur his wrath.

Commander Sykes


Xavier again.

Further evidence of my subjects showing power. I need Sonic.

I must complete the training. I can use them all to bring down G.U.N. for good.

Currently tracking Sonic using one of the Shadow Androids that I repossessed.

I know Shadow was able to destroy the Aliens. Imagine what his progeny might do.

But I need to eliminate the other variables that are holding them back.

This should be an interesting time.

-Xavier Lennox, Commander of Southern Island Military Base.

P.S. Constructing HOOLIGAN, a group of mercenaries dedicated to protection of the base.P.P.S. The game is about to begin. Now to set the pieces in place.