Pokemon Tales: The Prodigal Trainer


Pokemon. Some see them as helpers of society, some as companions in quests to
better themselves, and some just see them as adorable pets. Everybody has their own opinion,
and the world is better for it. We all share our views on this planet, and better the world with

My experience with Pokemon is a little different than the norm. I was one of the first
to get involved with them, one of the first to pick up my own and start training. The world
seemed so open at the time, just me and my Charmander. The world was treasure waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately, I was no locksmith.

The trouble started soon after the first gym, a hard fought battle in and of itself.
Something in me was just plain sick of getting lost in caves, and I had no impetus to continue
my journey. The whole thing came to a head when I learned of trainers from another region
entering the area. It was obvious that whatever I was doing was not going to work.

In a fit of embarrassment and frustration, I abandoned the creature, and fled into the
mountains, far from the idea of training pokemon. This would later result in an episode about an abandoned Charmander making it’s way into a program for children. I ran so far that by the time I thought to look back, the only way to go was forward.

I didn’t dare go back to face the consequences of my actions. I’d likely have died on that
mountain, but for the intervention of a tall, black haired man who took me under his wing. His
name was Zoso, and he’d run into the mountains to escape a partner of his who was abusive to
his Pokemon.

Together, we explored the mountains, and discovered all manner of new and old
Pokemon, who seemed to take to me even without Poke Balls. I found many new friends that
day. It helped that my partner could understand the language of Pokemon, as well as their

Eventually, a traveler by the name of Thomas Moore came into the mountains, which
now resembled a sanctuary. He told me of his travels, and of how the world of Pokemon had
changed. He also informed me that a kindly professor, name of Sycamore, had taken my old
starter and put it among others.

Thomas didn’t stay long, but his presence taught me a lot about the world of Pokemon
that I didn’t really know. At the behest of Zoso, I caught a ferry to Sinnoh, and began my training anew, this time picking a Turtwig. I not only beat the league, but also managed to raise that Pokemon, who I’d nicknamed Forrest, into a Level 100 powerhouse.

I also stopped a group of terrorists from remaking reality at the behest of their leader,
who was even more messed up emotionally than I was. His name was Cyrus, and I think he’s
still stuck in the realm where I found him. I hope he learns some empathy from this.

At the same time, I managed to slip back in time, and in a twist of fate, become the very
trainer who had caused me to lose faith in Pokemon. I still completed the league, but began to
wonder about the mysterious person who’d left, as no information on Zoso was forthcoming.

Eventually, word of a shape-shifting Pokemon caught my ear, and everything clicked.
I’d become friends with this Pokemon, and he’d helped me to gather myself to the point where
someone could reach out to me. What’s more, he stayed my regret and anger enough to reach
me, acting like a psychologist to my state as a person with high-functioning autism. I needed to find this Zoroark, so I set out for a new land.

I remain here to this day. But I also adventure through other lands, and experience new
things. Past, present, and future all blur together now. One thing remains clear, however. I will
finish what I started.


*Thomas Moore is based on a school student of the same name, and you are NOT
allowed to pester him. Pokemon is copyright to The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. My
autism is real, and not related to the autism of the creator of Pokemon.

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