Hacking the Human Heart - The Nakamura Story

Angelo Nakamura was born in 1960 in the state of San Francisco, raised by parents who
had survived the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. As a youth, he was
fascinated with the toys that came from various stores, particularly stuffed animals and erector

His parents were participants in the Human Be-in of 1967, exposing the boy to peace and love,
as well as how quickly these things could turn out for the worst. With the anti-hippie movement picking up steam, Angelo and his parents moved to a house to live a normal life. 

At age 10, he was apprenticed to a scientist who worked for McGucket Labs, and picked up
many skills that would come in handy in his later careers

A breakthrough moment came in the boy’s 20’s, as a studio that had set up in the area, then
known as Kunbi, was hiring programmers, and also looking for new ideas. In 1980, the studio
would release its breakthrough game, Fight Fighters. Though the game saw success for a time,
it was eventually forgotten about as a result of the crash of the video game market.

Nakamura soon turned the company into one of the first companies to produce dating sims,
partially inspired by Nakamura’s desire to understand those girls that he found to be mysterious.The Romance Academy series would be a smash hit in Japan, inspiring many similar projects. 

Nakamura, on the other hand, felt no comfort for how his work was received, feeling that he
had caused a fracture between real relationships. He left the company, now titled Year 2000
Electronics, after completing a “small amount” of code for Romance Academy 7, due for release in 1984. 

The production team wrangled with Nakamura’s design, which bordered more on virtual reality, and the constraints of a dating game. The studio caught fire at one point, but a few people survived to put out the game. These people would eventually move to creating CHIBISOFT, the makers of popular household helpers Giga-Robo and Chibi-Robo.

Nakamura, in the meantime, had taken to a pizza parlor in Oregon, and was now pondering if
the restraints of animatronics could be bypassed, effectively creating intelligent entertainment. His opportunity came in longtime friend and pizza chef, Fred “Sonny” Fazoli, who sought to improve the food offered at most restaurants.

Their collaboration made the new chain, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a success for 3 years,
allowing a redesign of the parlor into a majestic paradise. Nakamura threw his heart and soul
into the new designs, attempting to make a paradise for children to escape into. He felt that this would be his big opportunity to change the world.

Unfortunately, these ideas would all fall to pieces by 1987, when a malfunctioning animatronic
forced the place to shut down. Investigation of the accident would reveal that 5 children had
gone missing in the chaos of the previous day, which Fazoli used to force Nakamura to step down from his position in the company, despite his innocence.

Desperate, Nakamura faked his death, and fled to Japan, taking up the mantle of a shinto priest while attempting to figure out how things had gone so wrong. His teachings would inspire many, most importantly SEGA’s executive director, who was inspired to select a new CEO.

Nakamura eventually slipped into a quiet obscurity, making suggestions that would lead
designers to different roads, and create radically new ideas. Most notable was his writing, on
spec, the entire plot for the first Ape Escape game.

By 2014, Nakamura was almost prepared to accept his fate. However, fate would have different plans. The old pizza parlor he had opened was now back in the news, as an enterprising American had ousted Fazoli from the company, and sought Nakamura’s help to reprogram his old machines. 

Their success would come in late November, and by working with his new partner, who’d
inherited the restaurant from stock turnover, Nakamura would reverse the fortunes of the
troubled business, and be able to show off his skill and passion.

Nakamura would also be lucky in love for the first time, meeting up with a girl named Hikari who was into creativity almost as much as she was into Nakamura. Eventually, he proposed via a special floorshow on their 200th date.

Though his ways have been stubborn, his visionary tactics would prove to be a great and
powerful thing. Mainly serving as inspiration for others, he has come into his own, and we are
excited to see what he does next.

(Fiction inspired by real history, Gravity Falls, and Five Nights at Freddys. Angelo Nakamura
and most of this backstory are copyright Alex Nelson, aka Cyber Ace. All rights reserved to their original creators. A Cyber Ace Original. And this time, it really is!)



The Last Five Nights at Freddy's

(Based on Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which are NOT games meant to be played by children. I gutted the story quite a bit to meet a family friendly standard. Please use Common Sense Media to judge if a game is right for your child! I'm a writer, not a babysitter. Thanks for your patience.)

Day Zero:
Thanks to a lucky windfall, and an inheritance of stock, I now own a majority of Freddy
Fazbear’s Pizza. I’ve been a fan of this place for some time, mainly due to the proposals made
for expansion. Looking through the history of this place, it reads almost like a bevy of new
designs, all exciting. 

I can’t imagine why the other owners were willing to close this place. It seems innocent enough, aside from a few incidents. I guess I’ll have to fight off the scandal myself. 

Before granting me the place, the guys want me to spend a night inside, so as to get “better
acquainted” with the place. One outright chuckled when I accepted. I’m not about to back down from a challenge, no matter what psychology they use on me.

Night Zero:
10:00 arrival had some creepy phone message on the thing. Something about rogue
animatronics. From then till 6 pm, I was dealing with their attempt to stuff me in a suit. It wasn’t until the last part of the night that things started to get problematic. 

First, Bonnie. The rabbit was in maintenance, looked right at one of the robot skeletons, then
looked in the camera. No attempt to stuff it in a suit, no nothing. I had a worrisome thought.
What if this thing was after me?

Panicking, I shut the left door, which lost power after Foxy ran into it, leaving me at 6 percent.  I didn’t dare open it, and I was freaking out, since I didn’t know what to do if Chica showed up. 

Then, soon enough, I ran out of power. Freddy Fazbear stands in the door, playing a music
box tune of some kind. I stood still for a moment, unsure of what was happening. That moment
saved me. 6 pm hit, and I bolted out the right door, straight into Chica, and ran to the exit.

I have never experienced this behavior before, nor have I been so close to peril. And yet,
nothing seemed too personal. It’s like they did this several times before I came here.

Day 1:
My questions revealed that the animatronics had been doing this for since the loss of daytime
free-roam. Company documents say it’s been happening since night at the redesigned diner,
so someone is really trying to cover up what’s happening. Oh, and the last person here set the
animatronics to 20 and didn’t turn them back. I had no clue, so you can imagine how sick I felt.

I’m looking for anyone who might know about the robots. Info points to a man who went by
Komori. No such name, and the guy seems to have no history. It’s like I’m looking at a ghost. Meanwhile, I’m having the tech guys fix up the old pirate’s cove area, and inspect the programming of the robots. We should be able to find out what went wrong with the robots.

Night 1:
Robots are fixed, and less menacing than before. Also, I’ve decided to take a different tack and
don a freddy mask to confuse anything that enters. Results: Everyone but Foxy ignored me. Also, I tripped when trying to close the left door, and wound up closing it on his tail. The rest of my security was spent really far to the right, to avoid Foxy’s gnashing.

Day 2:
Personally fixed Foxy’s tail. I don’t know why, but I started apologizing to it for what I’d done.
Maybe I felt sorry for him being broken. I swear I saw the pirate blink for a moment.
Also, I am looking at a ghost. The man is called Angelo Nakamura, and he supposedly died in a
fire at Year 2000 Electronics. I’m having everyone scan the areas where he might have gone. If
he faked his death once… No one is going back in the restaurant until I fix this mess. The last thing I need is any issues

Night 2:
A robot resembling a human boy appeared in the security room this night. Creepy as all
get out. I decided to walk around somewhere else, using the Freddy mask. I heard the robots
talking. That’s not unusual, but what was unusual was the dialogue.
Here’s my transcript:
Foxy: “I don’t know why he needs to be hurt. He helped me, after all.”
Freddy: “There’s too much risk in letting things repeat themselves. Especially after things
happened again in the 80’s. Remember?”
Foxy: “You think I don’t? I tried to hold the person down!”
Freddy: “Look, if it can happen twice, it can happen three times. Also, I know he’s in the mask.
He knows the new guys would see him in a criminal database.”
Foxy: “Maybe things are different!”
Freddy: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

That’s not pre-programmed dialogue. I’ve studied all the dialogue for the shows, and that wasn’t even close. They can think. They can talk. They can hold resentment. Maybe I just need to figure out what happened in the 80’s to piece this together. I’m close. Left via the front door. No one left the restaurant. 

Day 3:
11-14-1987. That’s the date they mentioned. Foxy was “holding down” a guy named Jeremy
Fitzgerald, not a known criminal. Also, several kids were accosted by someone in a Freddy suit. Security would know how to access those. That’s why they want me.

The person behind this is part of the issue. If I can track him down, I can undo the scandal of the past. It’s not Jeremy. The person probably just looks like him.

No sign of Nakamura. We’re going to search Japan. It’s the only place I can think he’d go to
if he wanted to blend in. Probably far away from technology. If I find him, I can start to piece
together the issues.

Foxy is more or less functioning now. We repaired him a good amount. Rehearsal of the show
with all four animatronics went smoothly. Next step is to get free-roam working.

Tonight, I start trying to talk to Foxy. He needs to know that I mean no harm.

Night 3:
I used the doors to ward off everyone until Foxy arrived. I even moved the creepy child out of
the office for a bit, but he came back.

Eventually, it was just the three of us. I put the kid in the Freddy mask and talked to Foxy.
Turns out, that’s one of the old animatronics in the 80’s, named Balloon Boy. Still terrifies me.

Foxy didn’t attack this time, but he didn’t stop the others from coming in unless they interfered
with the conversation. Basically, he attacked Jeremy because he mistook him for the guy in the
suit. This happened because of conflicting reports from the new robots, who confused the two in
their facial recognition software. Possible sabotage.

The first incident happened back in Fazbear family diner, built in the 60’s. Nakamura came in at
the tail end, revamped the robots, then went forward with the second redesign after a child was
terminated. This child was unrelated to the previous five. Freddy was the only one who saw the
thing, but he thinks it was a security guard. 

Freddy’s convinced that the guy will return, and he’s trying to stop a third incident. While I don’t
blame him, it’s a little extreme to knock off the security guards. I need to find the two people
responsible, and take measures to stop them. 

Day 4:
Whole place on lockdown. Appears that the shows stopped all of a sudden. Now something’s
in the restaurant, messing with stuff. It has the same vindictive spirit as Freddy. What if that kid
never left?

I’m holding a seance in the restaurant. Me, and only me. It may be a trap, but I need answers.

Night 4:
The seance worked. The spirit looks like a puppet that was stored in the back room, and it likes
music. Not a fan of security, but it seemed to take to me. And yes, this is the first of the Fazbear
funerals. That’s what I’m calling them.

He didn’t see the person’s face, but did manage to grab hold of his badge, and tossed it into the
restaurant. It jammed in Chica’s mouth. The old Chica, not the new one. Also, there were two
shots. I guess the perp wanted to remove the evidence. 

He missed and hit old Bonnie. That’s why the redesign happened. To fix the robots.

Nakamura is the key. He’s the one behind the redesign, and he may have the badge still. 

Freddy attempted to head in, but Foxy stopped him for long enough for me to explain what I’d
told him. Then I looked at Freddy. This wasn’t the one who’d been in on the first night. This one
looked cuter. 

Without context, the only conclusion available was that I’d known about the crime in advance.

I left the restaurant, and booked it down an alley. That didn’t help. The Freddy who’d seen the
incident had me cornered. I had to improvise, and fast. I ran towards Freddy, hoping to catch
him off guard.

It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. Freddy fell unconscious, and in the distance, I heard the
closing chimes of the restaurant. I left a card explaining what was going on to him, and headed

Day 5:
Breakthrough! Nakamura took the name of Nariko, and became a shinto priest. I’m getting him
back in the company.

Investigation of the badge shows a bequeathed honor from “Sonny and the gang.” I think we
may have more than we expected.

I’m investigating the security hires. If I can find the thread that connects these murders, I’ll have

Night 5:
9:00 rolled around, and I had my breakthrough. All security hires go through Fazoli, the owner
of the place. What’s more, this jerk is head of a Mafia family, going by Sonny, due to his youth.
And one of his assistants was the guy who manned the security position via the phone.

At 10:00, no animatronics greeted me. Instead, a man in a golden Freddy suit was waiting in the
security room.

Play it cool, dude.

“So, Fazoli. Aren’t you a little old to be playing dress-up?” I sniped at him, trying to look relaxed.

“Figured it out, did you?” He replied, not taking his eyes off me. 

“The owner of a kid’s pizza place.” I realized. “You’d be able to arrange for the greatest
blackmail of any mafia don. Who’d challenge someone with children’s lives in their hands? Not
to mention”

“It was an excellent plan. Too bad you had to figure it out. Ah, well. I can be very good at
disposing of issues. I’m amazed you survived my sabotage on the first night, but it won’t save
you now.” Fazoli smirked, his hands picking up and crumpling the nameplate on my desk.
“Lights out.”

Fazoli’s smirk disappeared, and he rushed at me. He tripped before reaching me. I saw the
Balloon Boy holding up a barrel of fry oil.

“Stupid tin can!” He yelled.

“Why, Fazoli! I thought you cared about your restaurant.” I said, taking advantage of his

“This place is nothing! I made the whole thing to get pressure on others. Once you’re dead, I’ll
sell the robots for scrap, and move on to the mob full time! Just like I planned to do in the 60’s,
and the 80’s. I don’t fear Nakamura’s creations! I can reprogram them, easily! No one will catch
me, not even them!” He shouted at me.

“Not quite. I think someone's been looking to meet you.” I smiled. “Are you ready for Freddy?”

Freddy appeared, the rest of the animatronics behind him, moved in, and took off his head.

“Wait. Nakamura?”

The rest of the employees, as well as several cops, revealed themselves. Meanwhile, parts of
the very statement that Sonny had just made was playing over the intercom.

“I’ll sell the robots for scrap!”

“I can reprogram them easily!”

“No one will catch me, not even them!”

Fazoli’s eyes widened.

“So, let’s see. 6 kids taken out, admission to being in the mafia, and blackmail of witnesses.
Now, you can go to prison, or…” As I talked, I turned on the light to the right. “You can deal with
the angry robots.”

Angry was an understatement. They looked ready to turn Fazoli into a squishy mess.

“You’ve always run. Not this time. There’s nowhere to go.” I said, knowing it was true.

Fazoli stood still, then started punching himself, punctuating each blow with “Stupid!”

A New Day:
“Sonny” Fazoli and his gang were arrested. The scandal and nightmares of Freddy Fazbear’s
were over. Still, I pushed to keep the restaurant running, knowing that the animatronics cared
enough about the kids to get things going. 

I went into this expecting things to be easy. Still, I’ve gained so much. The friendship of several
robots, for one. And I found a couple of things that Nakamura wanted to make. 

One thing’s for sure. In the hearts and minds of children, these characters will live on.

(Freddy Fazbear’s is copyright Scott Calhoun and is unrelated to the restaurant of the same
name. A Cyber Ace Original.)


Why isn’t this a playthrough of the game?
Simple. I don’t like playing horror games. Also, the story behind this restaurant was more
interesting to me.

Why Utah?
There’s a restaurant by the same name in the area. I kid you not. Check Google Maps. I might
go there sometime, if it’s open.

Didn’t Phone Guy say it was a summer job?
Um, I’m chalking that up to the message being pre-recorded on the first night.

Isn’t that cheating?
It’s fanfiction. Cheating is what we do.

Information from (Five Nights at Freddy’s 3/ Scott Calhoun/ A theory that makes sense in
game) ruins this fanfic!

Dear Future (your name here),
This story was written in 2014, and I am not a time traveler. What’s done is done. Besides, this
is not meant to reflect the state of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Repeat to yourself, it’s just a fic, I
should really just relax. Also, please state your opinion in the form of a question.

Cyber Ace
P.S. By the way, writing to the past could change it, so I’d start running from any time cops that
beam into your room. Those guys do not take kindly to this, and I don’t want to get involved in
any time paradoxes.

Jeremy was attacked? Why?
Think, man! Someone in a Freddy suit kills five kids, and then a guy in a Freddy mask shows
up. Isn’t that the least bit suspicious?

Is there something I’m missing with this whole “Nakamura” Character? I wrote a fic that incorporates this. Read Hacking the Human Heart: The Nakamura Story for more info.

I don’t recall a gunshot hitting Bonnie, or anything getting stuck in Chica’s mouth! What
are you talking about?

Look, I wanted to explain why the animatronics were in disrepair. You have the right to write
your own story if you disagree with mine.

(Standard internet comment)
That’s disgusting! I should wash your mouth out with soap.

I wanted to ask why you counted 6 kids, when the game shows 5?
Does the game show 5? Have you thought about the kid in the Cake Game?

But why have him as the Puppet?
A. Exposition
B. That’s how ghosts are made
C. Also I like the idea

Five Night’s at Freddy’s terrifies me!
I wrote this fic for the same reason! It’s like Psychoanalysis, but with writing!

Why not deal with phone guy?
Already done for me. Turns out the robots took him down in the first game! Of course, that
probably means more issues later on.