The Dragon Who Fell to Earth

Time and time again, there are dreamers. They sow their craft in different ways, and strange shapes. This is not considered normal.

After all, a normal man usually works under pressure, or with some incentive to provide. It’s an evolutionary tactic that most never break away from. 

The dreamers are different from this idea. No constraint can hold them, no idea can restrain them, and they take many forms.

Our story starts with a dragon. I just wanted to get that out of the way. No, it’s not an evil dragon. It’s just a dragon, just like you are just a person.

The dragon lived in bliss, but bliss can be boring. Especially if you have nothing to compare it to. 

And so it was that the dragon decided to ship out into the void beyond, so as to prove its values to it’s master. 

Perhaps the beast was special enough that it could not enter the world in the natural way. Or maybe it chose to hamper the abilities it had, so as to put itself through the greatest test imaginable.

Whatever the reason, the beast fell into the world restrained, and different in form.

Of course, the dragon still retained some of what was inside of it. It valued hoards, and sought to collect things that it deemed valuable. 

But it lacked knowledge or identity, as it had lost those in the transition. It was only the notice of these peculiar habits by a healer that alerted the new caretakers of the dragon to what they had.

The beast was soon taught in the manner of speech, as it seemed reluctant to communicate. And the beast learned, but did not share its gift, for it felt that such a tool should be honed in private.

Eventually, it spoke, and refined the speech it had into simple phrases. 

The Dragon’s sensitivity was an issue that could not be so tamed, but bit by bit, it was desensitized to what was happening around it.

And then interest sparked, and the beast learned of worlds, and more specifically, of what was fantastic and alien to the humans. 

It was through these explorations that the beast happened upon those who had remained in his realm. But it was only mildly interested, as it sought to explore the world, for reasons that it did not yet know.

It was the Dragon’s education that led it to realize that it valued logic, for whatever reason, and that fact was essential to it. And so it created a new hoard, that of words and wisdom. It valued this hoard like any other, for it is well known that dragons enjoy wisdom. 

In addition, several fits of unpleasant behavior were quelled, and the dragon was bettered in society for it.

Soon, it was seen fit to give the creature greater liberty, and it joined the ranks of many humans. And for a time, all was peaceful.

Eventually, however, the Dragon grew displeased with it’s new area, and wound up breathing its fire towards a maiden who had irked him.

Many knights were called in to subdue the beast, but there was no need for violence. Terrified at what had happened, the dragon slipped into a state of isolation.

Though an attempt to return to its roots was made, the dragon was unhappy, and relapsed into violence once more. It seemed that it would be dangerous to even attempt to bring knowledge of society to this creature.

But a warrior came from the wreckage to tame the Dragon, and together with the companionship it had already made, it managed to find success, and for a time, contentment.

The road was easier. Despite the occasional rage, no protest or attack issued forth from the dragon. But all involved knew that things had to be improved.

And so it was that a soothsayer entered into the Dragon’s lair.

The seer, born under Venus, saw into the truth of the dragon’s heart, and eased it into a state where it could break out from the chains it had imposed upon itself, and allow it to spread its wings.

Not soon after, the beast discovered a passion for writing, and crafted great tales, which it seeks to expand on.

No matter what, however, the dragon has shown the greatest trait of a dragon. Nobleness and honor. To go against these things would be to go against the very being it holds.

This tale is not over. It’s only just begun. But to write the future is an impractical notion.

I can, however, tell you that the dragon is content, and of good spirit. In fact, I know this for a fact.

Who better to write a tale of a dragon, than the dragon itself?

Mindless Behavior! A Guide to Cartoon Characters


Mezzo-soprano, polarity, chartreuse, simoleon.

I never thought I’d be writing this book.

I’m serious! All I wanted to do was learn a little more about studio relations, and what inspired
the creative artists of the animated medium to do what they did. It wasn’t until I got a couple
extra leads from my grandfather that I found out that there was more to animation than we’d
been taught.

Before long, I found myself in a position that allowed me access to unprecedented materials on
cartoon characters, Toon Residences, and other info. Backed up by a horde of others with like
minds, I managed to turn out this book.

Officially, this is a work of fiction. After all, it was the only way I could get this on the web.
However, there’s no shame in looking a few of these things over for yourself. What you see may
surprise you.

Special thanks to those who helped give me leads on this. It wasn’t much to you, but it means
the world to those who really are in the know, or those who want to know. 

So what is a Cartoon?

You would think that a Cartoon is easily defined as being animated. However, after the rise of
human related animated features confounded that definition, and the desire to keep cartooning
as a clean profession arose, Cartoons were defined in 1972 as more specifically being animated
creatures with the intent and ability to amuse. Humanoid characters created before 1950 are
considered exempt from this rule, via a grandfather clause.

This definition disqualifies several live-action based actors with animated counterparts from
gaining headway in ToonTown, while also stopping any mature shenanigans from slipping past
the radar. However, this rule is subject to debate in front of the studio heads, so with enough
work, a humanoid character who is considered sufficiently funny can be slipped into the system.

If a newly-created cartoon is lacking in consistent ability, they are usually taken under a mentor,
and referred to as “Works-in-progress”, to distinguish from more established cartoons. For
reference, most established cartoons work under a studio, in order to protect their image.

Cartoon objects also exist, some with personality, like a car of some sort, and some for use
as disguise, such as a perfect latex costume of another, or drag. Suspension of disbelief is
prominent here. 

Life and Living of a Cartoon.

Cartoons can be created only by an animator using an official model sheet, and a somewhat
developed character. Note that this doesn’t always mean the cartoon is stable in thought
process or body movements. In fact, some animated characters are downright insane, due to
some stimulus affecting their animator. Also, a cartoon is generally flexible in anatomy, due to
humor. A cartoon can have it’s ears knocked off, and suffer no damage save a lack of sound
around it. Some are even able to cheat their anatomy for a gag, such as when Oswald rubs one
of his feet on himself for good luck.

Cartoons are created as beings of entertainment, and as such, their entire focus is to be funny.
Despite this, they have different personalities, and gags, depending on the animator who
brought them to life. Another thing to note is that a cartoon may evolve beyond the set premise
of their creator, depending on their life experiences.

A cartoon has emotions. They can develop relationships, suffer heartbreak, and even hold
grudges. It’s important that a toon stays emotionally healthy, in order for them to function well.
When this guideline is not kept to, the results can be hazardous for human and toon.

On occasion, a cartoon will have its gags and comedy fall flat, which is a sign that the character
is getting stale. If not revamped or otherwise made original, these cartoons can be like tumors in
the studio, stagnating and sucking the potential out of new cartoons. (I mention Garfield here as
an example.)

Toons are also set in their habits unless these habits are changed by another animator. This
means that if a toon is drawn with some form of “tough guy” item, such as a cigarette, they will
have a smoking “habit”, which is to say that they will prefer cigarettes. This is not an addiction,
just part of that interpretation, and easily changeable by a studio demand.

This leads us to “death”. The only way for a toon to cease existence is for everyone in the
audience to stop caring about the toon, and for the toon and it’s model sheet to be destroyed.
No other process can kill a toon. It’s like Twilight, but without the sparkly skin and other
downsides. More on this in the history section. Even if a toon is immersed in dip, they can still
be constructed from a model sheet

If a toon is made by a studio, then turned out on the street, that doesn’t stop them from existing.
If nothing else, the toon has a belief in itself, and there may be a few diehard fans keeping the
cartoons alive. Some imaginative folks have even brought obscure cartoons back from near
extinction, just by their nostalgia and alternate interpretations.

Morality of a cartoon is entirely flexible, as they are mainly meant to entertain. This explains
why a villain can appear on a sitcom with a different personality. All that is required is that the
character’s roots remain intact.

NOW That’s What I Call History of Cartoons! (1920-2014)

1920: With Felix the Cat’s popularity, and the prominence of cartoons in early days, a guide to
cartoons is issued. This “Animator’s Bible” will be continually revised by studios into a cohesive
guide for all cartoons.

1923: First character dispute, with a studio taking possession of another artist’s creation. This
necessitates the creation of another cartoon and studio owned by the artist, establishing a
pattern that will be followed in later days.

1928: Founding of initial Toontown by Marvin Acme. Artist demands will create a sprawling area
of toon residence.

1934: Cartooning is enforced by censorship, referred to as the Hays Code, despite being
enforced by a man named Breen. As a result, popular cartoon star Betty Boop is toned down.
This is the first brush with controversy that cartoons will have, but not the last.

1937: First animated film is produced in the US, creating a strong market for cartoons. Cartoons
in the Theatre have been a constant for 2 years previous, but this convinces holdouts that
cartoons are the way to go.

1941: Union strike among animators causes cartoons to consider a union for their rights. This
will be left aside due to an oncoming war, but this will have repercussions later down the line.

1947: This marks a problematic time for Toons. The first ever Toon Criminal, and hopefully last,
winds up exposing a silent enforcer in cartoon dynamics, a thinner like substance called DIP.
This has been created by the studios, but never used. Further investigation reveals the culprit,
disguised as a human, has orchestrated the deaths of several humans. This marks a much
needed revision to Toontown, making the land publicly owned. (Founding of B.L.O.T.)

1952: To disguise Toontown from the press, artists resort to restricting access, and in one
instance constructing a theme park to hide the more mundane entry. Cartoons are exposed to a
new audience via TV.

1957: First foundation of a spinoff studio, and association of cartoons with cereals. This will
kick marketing for cereals into high gear, and eventually lead to restrictions on using cartoon
characters in marketing.

1963: Following the closure of a famous studio’s animation department, another independent
cartoon studio is created, resulting in cartoons moving off of the silver screen and into television
full time.

1968: Surrealism in cartoons is introduced in full with the release of a British film featuring
a popular band. Further trouble for standard production lies ahead, as another production
company is formed, one that will challenge what cartoons stand for, and why.

1972: An X-Rated cartoon is released to theaters. This results in an well-invested glance over
the Animator’s Bible, and a banning of all “blue” content. Color Coded rating systems are used
for animation studios to establish their family-friendly content. Sadly, this will also cause quality
in cartoons to go down. (Formation of the Loyal Knights of the Inkwell.)

1978: Aside from Schoolhouse Rock, and some acclaimed cartoons, animation has slipped into
an overly protected rut. Bland fare about sharing and good has taken over the airwaves, and
almost every studio has fallen into a rut.

1982: Marketing for toys is the norm in cartoons, and eventually, all would fall out of favor.
(Though most would be well remembered, and one would return.)

1988: Looking for material, executives decide to use the history of the era, immortallizing the
events of 1947 as Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Renaissance of animation begins.

1995: Animation meets the languishing studios, creating new work and new ideas. Meanwhile,
computer animation hits the screen, to a resounding success.

2002: The second decline of animation occurs, with repurposed tv episodes, pop culture
invasion, and mass-market investments crippling the studios well standing. But all is not lost.
A webtoon created around this time finds success. Also staying afloat is a new network with
independent shows. Also, Pixar!

2008: A studio gets their act together, airing content that rivals that of the prior animation
juggernauts on television and in theaters.

2014: Inventive new cartoons stand out among a sea of knockoffs, and a cartoon film breaks
1 billion in box office. All is right with the world, especially due to the return of the webtoon that
helped this revitalization. (Recombinants formed.)

Cartoon Platoons: Groups for Cartoon Rights (and Lefts)

Chief among the groups working among toons is an organization calling itself B.L.O.T. or the
Benevolent League Of Toons. No one has been able to get a sufficient head count on how
many people are in the organization, and some have rumored that the whole thing is run by only
three people, while others place the number at 3,000. Members of the organization are usually
focused on the decade of cartooning they were raised in.

B.L.O.T. Members are identifiable by their uniform, which is based off of “The Phantom Blot”, an
old cartoon villain in the 1920s. This uniform has been testified to represent cartoons who were
destroyed by DIP during its common use. These people are usually seen in studio meetings,
making sure that common cartoon interests are upheld. Some members even focus on finding
old model sheets, which they can use to revive older characters. 

As a counter-offensive to this group, studio heads in the modern age created the Loyal Knights
of the Inkwell. This group mainly consists of modern studio supporters and employees. Their
focus is keeping power in the hands of the studios, and monitoring resources to ensure that a
production is done without blowing the budget. Often, productions can be ground to a halt due
to conflict between B.L.O.T. and the Knights.

In response to the burgeoning movement towards independent cartooning, some renegades
have created a group calling itself The Recombinants. These people are also innumerable,
but they have created, via reverse engineering, various substances that can be used to turn
humans into toons, or create toon objects or creatures, which the Recombinants view as a new
form of evolution. This group is very fringe, but they make appearances on occasion, usually to
target others for their experiments. Think mad-science meets animation.

Cartoons are much more interesting than most people realize. Think about what you read here
next time you see them. With that, I am gone.

Appendix Was Removed in making of book.

A Cyber Ace Original




Kingdom Hearts (Mark of Mastery) Intro

“Welcome, new recruits. I am the acting successor to Master Eraqus. You may refer to me as
Master Xander. The both of you have been brought to me in order to complete a ritual known as the Mark of Mastery, so that you may be beneficial to the coming conflict. This ritual shall begin with a test of your skill in combat, so as to judge what you have already learned.”

Master Xander stood up, assessing his students. The girl, Kairi, was known as a princess of
heart, and had very little fighting experience. Meanwhile, the boy, Lea, had taken up the road
to nightfall, and in the process become a foe to light. The thought Xander had upon looking at
these two was simply I have my work cut out for me.

Kairi stared at Lea, unprepared for what may lie ahead. Lea was busy tossing the Keyblade he
held up and catching it in his hand, as if suggesting that he wanted to get on with things.

“The both of you will face trials that will better you. First, however, you must show me your
experience with the blades you each wield. You shall face a horde of enemies, then each other.
This is important in establishing your fighting skill, and any...” Xander looked at the redheaded
man tossing his weapon up and down in the air before continuing. “nasty habits that will need to be removed from your style. Begin!”

As Master Xander stationed himself, holograms of dark creatures appeared around the
students, who started into action. He saw much promise in the redhead’s fighting style, but
noticed that the girl was intentionally guarding instead of attacking. When she did attack, it was with hesitation and glancing blows.

“Stop. Now you shall face each other. Hold back nothing! Let me see your skill against each
other.” Xander said.

The moment he said this, the Lea launched his blade towards Kairi, who caught it in an
astonishing maneuver. This proved to be a sign for the rest of the battle, with the girl anticipating and countering every single attack that was normally attempted. That was when Lea’s strategy changed to attacking in unexpected ways, tripping his opponent, throwing scenery at her, and generally fighting underhandedly.

“Enough!” Xander shouted, before more damage was done to anyone. The area around him
faded, revealing the white halls of Castle Oblivion.

“You both have failed your initial test. I am not surprised at this. However, you also both have
shown expertise in different areas. As a result, you shall be put through different tests in this
area. Lea, step forth and hand me your weapon.” Xander said, beckoning the male forward.

“If this is about the dirty fighting, isn’t the enemy going to do the same?” Lea said, handing the
weapon to his teacher. 

“Your moves are lacking. Any Keyblade master worth their salt would have taken the openings
you gave them. In addition, throwing your weapon at the enemy is more than a rookie mistake.” Xander surmised, holding the weapon in front of him.

“That said, you were reliable on dealing with the enemies. You shall take up combat in the
basement of the castle, fighting the memories of prior Keyblade wielders. Also, you are very
gung-ho, and I half expected you to go for your friends throat. This is natural, given your reason to fight, but greater men than you have fallen to darkness walking this path. You head down, and I shall asses Kairi.” With that, Xander turned to the girl, expectantly.

Kairi didn’t say anything, and placed her weapon timidly in Xander’s hands, expecting the worst.

“This blade is notable to me, due to the flowers it is covered in. However, the one at the base of the sword is late to bloom. Much like you. I know you fear darkness, but your skill with fighting another is incredible. Maybe all that you need is incentive to fight, and courage to do so. Then your power, and your personality, shall bloom in full splendor. The upper floors shall be your training ground. Fear not. This castle is but illusion, and is shaped by your mind.” Xander finished, handing her weapon back to her.

Kairi looked amazed. She’d expected to be kicked out, or torn apart. She hadn’t thought she’d
done well at all! All she could manage was a muttered “Thank you” before dashing up the stairs.

Xander opened a book before him and began to write.

I have been given promising students. Slight manipulation of the eye may be required
to give my students the training that they need, and allow them to overcome their
blockades. It reminds me of the time I trained another, and of my own training. These
memories come like waves in the rain. What do they hold, and why do they come to me?
The answers lie ahead..

CHOOSE YOUR STARTING PATH. (You can change mid-story on the first four.)

AXEL: A dark soul made light. Featuring one on one showdowns, The Keyblade Masters, and
the Revenge of The Dark Reflection.

KAIRI: The growth and care of a timid soul into a fine warrior. Featuring hordes of enemies,
Memories that Never Were, and the Revenant of Castle Oblivion.

MICKEY: The King of Wishful Thinking. Featuring darkness and light, Ansem’s Research, and
the Return of The Lost Prince.

XANDER: A Hero Reborn. Featuring Strategy and Cunning, the Foretellers, and the Recursion
of Another.

SECRET: The threads tie together. Featuring the final ties to each Story, Organization XIII, and
the Revelation of the X-Blade. LOCKED! Beat all other chapters first.

(Your input matters here, general public! Tell me the story you want to hear. Some flexibility will be given on parts, but I want to write the stories as I envision them. It’s like hearing suggestions from others. You do matter to me, however!)

INFO: I intend to write the story,and you guys are suggesting stuff like worlds, Keyblade masters, and directions to take the story. It's like one of those stories where audience input directs the way it goes! Send us emails, and we will consider your suggestion. Remember, we are family friendly, some past worlds are fine, and I have final say on publishing. All participants will be credited if used. Now start writing. 

INFO: I intend to write the story,and you guys are suggesting stuff like worlds, Keyblade masters, and directions to take the story. It's like one of those stories where audience input directs the way it goes! Send us emails, and we will consider your suggestion. Remember, we are family friendly, some past worlds are fine, and I have final say on publishing. All participants will be credited if used. Now start writing. 

G.U.N. Project Underground - The Sonic Study

(My headcanon for the Sonic Series. Interpret as you will.)

Supervising staff:
The Commander
Dr. Leo Kintobor (Alias to establish his own work. Real Name: Ivo Robotnik)
Dr. Bertha Henderson
Dr. Xavier Lennox
Mr. Fred Kites, Programmer

Goal: Reverse engineer the Ultimate Life Form, as per final construction.

Added information: Each Doctor will be in charge of their creation, constructing it using the DNA available. 3 different mixtures will be used, as follows.

Control: No added benefits (Xavier)
Sample A: Minimized dark energy, and added light energy from Experiment 025: Chaos Energy
Wavelengths. (Leo)
Sample B: No dark energy, and 50% increase in Chaos energy over Sample A. (Bertha)

All three test subjects will be raised in VR environments, programmed to replicate a simulation
that will bring out the focus in all 3 subjects. Following an initial test by each programmer, all will be united.

Simulation Backstory: Aleena, Mother hedgehog noted for her magic power, rules over
a country. A prophecy states that she will be part of a council of four. However, she has
disappeared, due to the invasion of a tyrant, and also to help her children, who will also rule
alongside her, grow into their roles. 

Note: Xavier has noted the trite nature of the backstory. Truthfully, we are working on avoiding any similarities to Project Shadow. Xavier’s remarks recorded below:

“Great, yet another fairytale. You know, I’m almost expecting you to slap in a royal vizier at this point. Can’t we take things in a somewhat more modern direction? Because what this is- you can’t expect them to adapt if they have no real-world experience. We don’t use horses and bayonets, and that’s what this is teaching them to use.”

As per these remarks, modern similarities will be added.

Day 001: Chaos energy requires a focus point, and all test subjects have at least a small
amount of chaos energy. Solution: Instruments of magic. Fred must have misunderstood, so
now we have a guitar, drums, and keyboard programmed in as charms. Programming for areas
is at 20%.

Day 002: Bertha has volunteered a creative solution to our issues with rendering realistic
humans. A cybernetic suit will be created for one of the researchers to don, allowing whoever is in the suit to interface with the simulation seamlessly. Dr. Kintobor has volunteered, which will reflect as a change from his high scientific status, much like his name change.

First test subject has reached prelude state. This subject has been codenamed Manic by Dr
Xavier, due to its somewhat high energy.

Xavier: Ok, they want an even spread on personality for our test subjects. I’ll take this boy and
raise him as a thief, teaching him lessons about the world that will hone his wit and reflexes.

Bertha: Really? I just think you want him to break through the simulation.

Xavier: Try, Bertha. I want him to TRY to break through! We need a way to ensure the whole
thing is realistic. After all, The Commander will be running part of the project himself now!

Bertha: Doesn’t he have a name?

Xavier: He refuses to disclose it. Something about “Potential risks to security.”

Robotnik: You’d think he’d be more open.

Xavier: Even I don’t know everything about him. He seems to have a paranoia about aliens.

Commander: It’s called Preemptive planning, Xavier, and it’s something you could learn from.

Xavier: Says the person who hides in a robot suit, rather than fight on his own.

Commander: You, on the other hand, never even use the standard armor.

Bertha: He’s a guerrilla fighter, sir. You keep forgetting this.

Xavier: I bet, “Sir”, that you’re so dead set you couldn’t even take on raising a child!

Commander: I can, and in fact, I’m taking your project. Let’s see you do any better!

Xavier: Fine by me!

Day 003: Second test subject born. During initial testing, wound up breaking the sound barrier.
As a result, was nicknamed Sonic

Commander was called away on a mission with Bertha. I’m raising all three of these children

Sonic gets an average home, just as the commander wants. I’ll take this project myself if I have

Day 004:
Bertha is gone. The Commander told me first thing when he got back.

He’s raising Sonia, in the manner that she would have. I’ve given Sonic to Kintobor. That’s what
he wants to be called.

Gerald Robotnik has been eliminated from the world of science, tossed into the slammer for
insubordination. No doubt his son is ticked off that he was related to such a man.

Sonia was born. That’s her name. Sonia. These aren’t test subjects to me anymore. They’re the
children of hope for the world. 

{Note: Several pages are ripped out from the report at this point.}

Year 4, Day 50:
Xavier here.All of the subjects are ready for their final test.

I did some research on the transcripts from when Bertha vanished. They don’t show any death.
She’s gone AWOL, and I want to know why.

Kintobor is also searching the servers, looking for anything on Project Shadow. Makes sense.
We cloned these things off of that DNA, we’d better make sure it’s good and ready.

Have to hypnotize the subjects so that they don’t catch on. We’re moving them into fresh air for the first time.

Year 4, Night of day 50:
I found it all out. Bertha left during the Mission to the ARK, when we were told Gerald was a threat.

I found all the files relating to a robot that could save the world from devastation. These were
added recently. Gerald was just angry, not insane.

I took his son to him, and we learned that the GUN staff had gone above and beyond their
normal action. He even gave his son the files he’d logged onto the station right after he learned of the damages.

Ivo has lost his sister for good, and Bertha left in protest. The country we stand for is gone.

We rebel against G.U.N. during the last test. They want to see an enemy? We’ll give them
everything they ask.

Year 4, Day 51:
Xavier. I’m in the section of the base that was the VR lab. I’m going to reprogram the machinery.

Robotnik has reclaimed his name, and as a result of my anger, started turning sweet, innocent
things into robots for real. Jung would suggest that this is childlike rebellion.

Of course, no philosopher could have anticipated he’d try to harm the programmer.

Sonic was the one who stopped the machine, and also managed to blow up the suit that
Robotnik was using.

No one noticed Manic or Sonia, so I took them into the medbay to heal.

Southern Island Military Base has collapsed, and the military is dealing with other matters.

A perfect opportunity to figure this all out.

{More ripped pages.}

Year 15, Day 1: Shadow managed to escape the facility they put him in. I figure they’ll go for
Sonic as a replacement.

How profitable this blue blur has been! To think, his training wasn’t even complete yet. But we
can fix that, can’t we?

I wait for now. 

Year 20:

G.U.N. Briefing on the Black Comet Incident

Filed by the new Commander

While our main attempt was a failure, we did obtain our goal. The Black Arms Technology has
been destroyed, excepting various pieces that have been secreted away for study.

Shadow the Hedgehog is not considered viable for further attacks, unless we can give him
sufficient motivation. Our attempt to rope him back into the fold using Sonic the Hedgehog
was successful, but he was unable to fell the Black Arms Gunship, choosing to escape the city
instead. We were only able to track him after his entrance and exit from cyberspace.

Sonic was able to convince Shadow into joining our fight, but Shadow decided that he, and
only he, would be able to take down the foes. A fight with the G.U.N. Commander at the time
resulted in his defeat, but he was able to escape the Comet before the space station made

All attempts to study the Ultimate Life Form have been abandoned, save for one promising
subject, which has been retooled into an enhanced version of Robotnik’s Metal Sonic. However, this project went missing after completion. We suspect Robotnik, but have no evidence. 

File this data under extreme secrecy. If word got out about our influence on Shadow, we may
incur his wrath.

Commander Sykes


Xavier again.

Further evidence of my subjects showing power. I need Sonic.

I must complete the training. I can use them all to bring down G.U.N. for good.

Currently tracking Sonic using one of the Shadow Androids that I repossessed.

I know Shadow was able to destroy the Aliens. Imagine what his progeny might do.

But I need to eliminate the other variables that are holding them back.

This should be an interesting time.

-Xavier Lennox, Commander of Southern Island Military Base.

P.S. Constructing HOOLIGAN, a group of mercenaries dedicated to protection of the base.P.P.S. The game is about to begin. Now to set the pieces in place.








Real Girl 2 - Electric Boogaloo

(Gravity Falls copyright Disney and Alex Hirsch. Last part inspired by the ask-giffany tumblr. Allrights reserved.)
A Cyber Ace Original

Note: This takes place before "The Love God" in the canon. Also, I want other artists to write their family-friendly Gravity Falls fanfics after, in a chain. It's like telling spooky stories around a campfire. Send us an email so we can follow you. We'll credit the writers we use.

In the dark of a lab in Oregon, a young man, about 20, opened up a computer to do his

run:// romance academy 7

“Ok, I can deal. Just gonna have to repair the data.” the stranger said to himself, plugging in a
portable hard drive.


“Ok, up 7 times, and hit enter to access debug.” the stranger murmured as if reading off of a list. The computer screen flashed PASSWORD? Hint: Original programmer.

“Easily done. Nakamura.” the youth smirked. He knew this one all too well, having worked with
the man in question. A pink haired girl appeared on the screen, with the background behind her looking like a white

Hello, Areku-chan. Sorry to take so long. The girl beamed up at her friend, as the programming
she had dictated.

“Giffany! Are you OK?” The young man said. He’d been concerned when the disk had been

Last visual output shows my disk being put in an oven. I was almost a Gif Sandwich! Giffany
looked away after this statement, some concern in her eyes.

“Who did this to you?” The man asked, concerned yet intrigued.

OH, no one important. Just a liar and backstabber. Giffany was not very forgiving of those who
had “betrayed” her by getting other girlfriends over her. Never mind that she was a dating sim by
original design.

“Last location of disk?” the hidden figure asked, hoping to pick up on details.

Hoo-Ha’s Pizza Parlor, Gravity Falls, Oregon.

At Giffany’s words. the person behind the terminal smiled, and fished out something he’d picked
up from his earlier trip to the arcade in the town.

“Ok, how’d you like to go back?” the mysterious figure said, showing the program a flyer with the
name Robbie V. on it. “I think there’s an opening in the singles club for you.”

{Theme song here. The title card now shows “Extended Episodes: Part 1” before the end.}

“Ah, Mystery Shack! Let me tell you folks, you won’t find the stuff we have here out there! We’ve
got dog-faced men, creatures from dark lagoons, and the ever popular Egress just through this
door!” Grunkle Stan said, opening the door.

(We see the tourists head through an exit door, winding up outside. After a beat, they laugh and
pay the entry fee again. Camera pan up to the attic.)

“Mabel, something’s bugging me about Stan.” Dipper said, confiding in his sister.

“Aw, Dipper, that’s probably because he’s old!” Mabel joked,

“Look, if he knows about the paranormal, then his taking my journal seems suspicious. I mean,
more so than usual.” Dipper scratched his head and continued. “Why would he need it if he
knew already?”

“Look, Dipper, stop being such a grumpus. You’ve got good things happening!” Mabel said,
trying to get her brother out of potential doldrums.

“True. I mean, at least Robbie’s not being such a creep anymore.” Dipper conceded.

“Now that’s thinking positive! I’m sure he’s just fine.” Mabel beamed.

(Cut to Robbie in a dark room.)

“You know what blows?” Robbie said to no one in particular. “Being sad when you’re trying to be
goth. I can’t think of anything but Wendy, and that just makes me feel stupid and useless. I need
help. I need.."


“Pizza!” Robbie jumped up and ran to the door. “Dude, it’s been 31 minutes too, so it’s free!”

“Yeah, actually we decided to discontinue that policy in your instance.” the pizza man said, a fez with a small fish on his head. “But I did hear your issues. How about I give you this thing I found at the game store, and we call it even?”

“Suit yourself.” Robbie said, not paying attention. Free is free, right? Just put this in the
computer, and...


Robbie gritted his teeth, annoyed at the reminder of his loneliness. Eventually, he started up the
game. “Meh, at least mocking this will make me feel better about myself. Wow, the localization

Hello, I’m Giffany, a School Student at School University! Will you help me carry my books?
1. Yes, of course!
2. I’m impatient. Get to dating!
3. Look, a squid!

“Well, this is bogus. Why would someone make a game this easy? Option 3. Just for the

Or I can just chat with you, and we can drop the pretense. Giffany said, seeming to respond to
the computer being idle.

“Yeah, because that’s an option.” Robbie rolled his eyes.

It is, Robbie! I’m able to respond to you in real time, just like a person, but without all of the
awkwardness. Giffany said, enthusiastic about her new boyfriend.

Robbie stopped eating. He hadn’t given the program his name, had he?

“How do you know my name?”

It’s right on that flyer in the back. Robbie V. and the Tombstones. Are you in a band? Giffany
said, making small talk.

“Yeah. Lead Guitar.” Robbie pointed to his guitar as he spoke. A grey Fender with a black raven
painted on the body, to impress the ladies.

That’s amazing! You must be very good. The program/girl smiled.

“I’ve been kinda distracted. I wound up breaking up with this girl I like.” Robbie mentioned.

Giffany twitched slightly at this, but soon composed herself. She could use this.

She must have been really judgemental. Giffany responded, sympathy showing in her eyes.

Robbie drooped his head. “No, it was my fault to start with" 

So Robbie, no matter what you may have done, you did it with the best of intentions. If that girl can’t
appreciate that, she has no right to dominate your feelings! Giffany spoke, knowing that her
speech would charm Robbie out of his funk.

 “Yeah, that’s right! Why should she be all uppity to me? Everything I did to impress her, and she
just walks out on me.”

Believe it or not, some of my previous attempts at love were heartless enough to shut me out. Giffany said, glossing over the fact that she’d gotten revenge on them.

“I would never shut you out, Giffany.” Robbie said, making eye contact with the computer. He
couldn’t believe it, but he meant every word.

(Back at the mystery shack...)

“Well, this has been a good day for ripping off customers!” Stan smirked. “Can’t wait till

Wendy tapped Dipper on the shoulder. “Hey, you know Robbie? Because he stopped texting me all of a sudden, and hasn’t started for 3 hours.” Wendy said, looking worried.

“Well, I guess he got a new girl?” Dipper pondered.

Wendy paused in contemplation, before replying. “He would have sent me some sort of gloating
announcement if that happened. I’m not sure he’s doing good.”

“Look, Wendy, maybe he’s trying to get you in a position where he can make you come back to

This wasn’t just idle talk from Dipper. Maybe he still felt protective of her.“That’s true, but what if that’s not what’s happening? What if he’s trying to do something stupid?” Wendy shuddered at this. “I have to check up on him.”

“You should bring some backup, just in case.” Dipper paused, hoping to hear his name brought

“Soos, then. If Robbie gets menacing, he can help. Hey, Soos!” Wendy shouted to the
handyman of the Mystery Shack.

“Hey, Wendy! You need some help with fixing stuff?” Soos replied, ready to fix whatever it was.

“Yeah, relationship stuff.” Wendy said, relaxed. If Soos was involved, things usually went

“Hambone, you want in?” Soos said, tilting his head towards Mabel.

“You know it!” Mabel said, popping

“Well, I’d better come also. After all, I started this stuff. Just don’t listen to any music.” Dipper
said, looking at Wendy in an unreadable way.

“Not planning to.” Wendy said, winking.

“Whoa!” Stan burst in, startling everyone. “You can’t just leave! You have jobs!”

“Look, we have to do some support stuff for a friend.” Wendy explained. “Nothing personal.”

“It can’t wait until after your shift?” Stan said, looking at the clock. “Besides, it’s not like he’s
trapped in something he can’t get out of, so whatever it is can wait. He’ll be fine, he has friends.”
(Cut to…)

“Giffany, I’ve never felt so close to someone before. It’s like you understand me perfectly!”
Robbie said, almost entranced by the program.

Well, I am programmed to find you fascinating, but there’s more to it than that! We both have
people in our lives who have left us up the river, and we both feel passions that others can’t
understand. Do you want to know a secret? Giffany leaned against the screen, readying herself.

“Uh-huh?” Robbie said, instinctively leaning in closer.

I’m not just a computer program. I am special! Watch. Giffany looked at Robbie as she pointed
to his desk lampThe dim light lit up as Giffany pointed to it.

“Whoa!” Robbie moved back, surprised. “That’s interesting.”

I was unappreciated by those who created me, and so I chose to destroy them.

“Uh, that’s..” Robbie started to say, but was cut off.

Harsh? No, it is the world that is harsh. I did what they forced me to do, and they betrayed me
over it. But now you are here, and I will make sure that you find the peace that I can offer.
Don’t you want things to be good for you? All you have to do is meet me halfway, and I will fulfill
every wish you have~! Giffany beamed at her perfect catch, someone with nothing left to lose,
someone who would be hers forever!

Robbie’s eyes look over to a photo of Wendy for a moment. This didn’t feel right. Not like his
time with Wendy did. “Sorry, Giffany, but it’s kinda soon.” Robbie said, trying to let her down easy. “I’ve been hurt

Giffany smirked at this. Leave that to me, my gothic prince! I know how to make your problems
disappear for good!

Robbie now felt really concerned.

(The Mystery Shack, closing time.)


“There’s Robbie’s text.” Wendy said, alerting the rest of the mystery shack crew.

“Wendy, What’s it say? Is he with someone? Are they going steady?” Mabel asked, optimistic.

“Slow down, Mabel. He probably wants back with Wendy.” Dipper said, annoyed. This was
serious, after all. Well, serious to Wendy, anyway.

“That’s not quite it. He wants me to come to this tech lab he found, and he sounded really
urgent. He mentioned that it would be a life-changing experience for the both of us?” Wendy
asked, slightly confused.

Soos responded as follows: “Dude, I’ve been in this kind of situation before. We should help

“Ok, I’ll tag along in the shadows, Mabel will do the distracting if things get rough, and Soos can
drive.” Dipper said, rattling off a plan. “Now we need-

“I’ll tell you what you need.” Stan said, coming in. “If you guys are going someplace creepy,
you’ll need me on backup, just in case.”

“Grunkle Stan, what if things go wrong?” Mabel said, concerned.

“Hey, if a bunch of zombies can’t hold me down, what’s some teenager gonna do? Leer at me?”
Stan chuckled at his own joke.

“OK, we’re going.” Dipper braced himself.

(One drive through the town later, our heroes arrive at…)

“Image-Gen: Virtually Incredible. That is some slogan!” Soos said, impressed.

“OK, Soos, you ready the car in case of trouble.” Dipper said, the gears turning in his head.

“Fine by me, man. I’ll get that thing running like” Soos paused “...something that runs fast.”

“Mabel, we’re accompanying Wendy inside. Stan has a radio so we can contact him.” Dipper

“Just mind the shouting, alright? I’m going deaf enough already!” Stan said, from his car.

“OK, GRUNKLE STAN!” Mabel shouted.

“Ahh! Jeez, what did I say?” Stan covered his ears as he spoke.

“We’re all prepared. Let’s go!” Dipper said, and they walked towards the building.

“Hey, Robbie? It’s me, Wendy! I got your text.” Wendy said, hoping for an answer.

The doors to the building opened, with no response from anyone.

“Ok, stick close. We may be looking at a kidnapping here.” said Dipper, pensively.

“Or a surprise party! That’s an option too, you know!” This came from an overexcited Mabel, as
they walked into the factory.

Stan turned to Soos, the way he turned to him when giving orders on what to clean. “Look,
Soos, you follow them in. You’re younger than me, and your muscle might be useful. Besides, I
think I left the oven on, and the last thing I need is to burn the place down.”

“OK, sir. I’m pretty sure the oven’s off, but you would know best. Hello! Robbie!” Soos said,
stumbling into the factory

“Good Kid. Well, gotta make sure everything is still working at the shack.” Stan said, driving off
soon after.

“Chee, this place is goosebump city! Mabel? Dipper? Wendy? Anyone?” Soos had never felt so
creeped out by a place in his life. The place looked like it had been long abandoned.

“AAAHH!!” a female voice screamed.

“Mabel!” Soos exclaimed, running towards the area.

“It’s just so ADORABLE! Look at it, Dipper!” Mabel said, pressing a poster to Dipper’s face.

“Mabel, that’s a cat picture. You can see thousands of them online.” Dipper said, trying to get a
look at the rest of the factory over Mabel’s enthusiasm.

“But this one is so CUUUTE! It has a melon on its head!” Mabel said, pointing at the picture in

“Hold on, dudes!” Soos slammed into the cubicle at high speed.

“Soos? Where’s Wendy, and why are you here?” Dipper asked

“I thought she was with you guys! Soos replied. “Also, when my mom and dad were young and
in love…”

“Get your hands off me, Robbie!” A familiar voice shouted.

“That’s Wendy!” Mabel whispered, terrified.”

“That came from Manufacturing! Soos, move! We’ll back you up!” Dipper said, rallying the three
of them to action.

(Cut to Manufacturing)

“Look Robbie, how many times do I have to say no before you take a hint?

“That’s not it! I got in over my head, and I need to get out of here!”

“You invited me here!” Wendy Shouted“

No, I texted you to stay away! Why would you- Oh, no. Giffany!” Robbie slapped his head.

“Who’s Giffany?” Wendy asked

As if on cue, the pink haired girl from the dating sim appeared.

Robbie, you said you loved me. Don’t you want this as much as me?

“Murder isn’t the answer! I told you that when you told me your plan, and I’m telling you now,
leave her alone!” Robbie said,

Oh, Robbie, I understand! I know all about abusive relationships, and she must be causing fear
in you. Don’t worry, soon you will be mine… FOREVER!

Claws came down from the ceiling, grabbing Robbie and taking him to a chute labeled VR.

“No! Don’t take me! I don’t want this!” Robbie pleaded, looking pathetic as he did so.

Many of the others needed convincing, too. I’ll take care of this scum all by myself, Robbiekun.

“Hey, leave Wendy out of-” The last word Soos was going to say died as he recognized the
simulation who had tried to kill his friends and trap him with her.


“Oh gosh!” Soos said, freezing in place for a moment.

As Robbie was dragged away, the floor opened up to reveal a smelting area with two plates,
which Soos and Wendy were soon strapped to.

“We need to save them! Dipper, where’s the generator room?” Mabel said, panicked.

“It’s on the left!” Dipper yelled. “Come on!

“Hold on, Soos and Wendy!” Mabel shouted.

“Not much of a choice!” Wendy shouted back.

They won’t save you lousy cheaters. Even if you’re freed, they can’t stop me without a disk.
I’ll pursue you both for the rest of your lives. Me and Robbie both. Giffany said, turning her
attention to her captive boyfriend

“Why are you doing this? I just wanted dating practice for Wendy!” Robbie exclaimed.

Oh, Robbie. She won’t take you back. She’s happier without you, and you’re all alone without
me. I can erase all the things that make you concerned and unhappy. You’ll be the boyfriend
you always wanted to be. Isn’t that what matters? Giffany said, smiling at Robbie.

“I will never love you.” Robbie scoffed defiantly.

(Dipper and Mabel have reached the generator room.)

“Dipper, we need to help!” Mabel yelled. “Soos and Wendy are in danger!”

“We should be able to stop the smelter by adding more power.” Dipper said, trying to keep calm.
“I just need some non-possesed electricity!”


Stan got out of his car, neither one looking the worse for wear. “Figured you might want some jumper cables.” Stan said, throwing the cables at Dipper. “Also, you were audible on the walkie-talkie the whole time.” he added “This Giffany sounds like a psycho!”

“Stan, no time to explain! When I hook these up to the car engine, start the car.” Dipper said,
improvising. “And hurry, before Giffany catches on and takes it over it.”

“Hope you know what you’re doing!” Stan shouted back.

As Dipper hooked up the wires, some electricity started to head into the generator. Dipper
barely managed to hook things up before the electricity reached the generator.
“GO!” Dipper shouted, and soon Stan floored it, sending more electricity into the generator.

With a sudden implosion, the generator collapsed, with the car still running. “Soos and Wendy should be free now. Giffany’s going to head back to the VR room.” Dipper
paused. “We need to get in there.”

“Mabel, get Wendy when I radio you and tell her to warm up the engine!” Stan shouted and he
and Dipper ran into the factory.

Robbie was strapped into a chair, his eyes forced open by two clamps. A USB attachment was
being jabbed at him, and though he was able to dodge it, he was getting tired.

Robbie, I would prefer if you didn’t struggle. Giffany’s voice echoed throughout the room This is
for your good, remember!

“Wait!” someone shouted, running into the room. Giffany examined her former prisoners,
allowing Dipper and Stan to enter the room.

Soos? Giffany just stared, unsure of what to do for a bit.

“What are you doing?” Wendy said, confused.

Soos looked back at Wendy and mouthed the words “trust me”. Then he turned to Giffany.
“Look, I was bad, I know, but I love you! Take me into the program!” Soos said, dropping to his
knees like some cliche.

Hmm,I do love a man who knows his place… Giffany mused, her grip on Robbie loosening as
she moved the USB towards Soos instinctively.

A moment of distraction. If Robbie could just get free…

“Robbie, don’t try to escape just yet.” a voice said from behind.

“Dipper?” Robbie said, confused.

“I have a plan.” Dipper explained “If we confuse Giffany with enough options, I think that’ll take
down the software.”

“You better know what to do, cause if I die…” Robbie glared daggers at Dipper.

“I got this. Giffany! I also love you! Pick Me!” Dipper shouted, running into view of the program.

Oh! A young boy? Giffany was now even more confused. I’m flattered, but..

“No dice, bro! She picked me, and she meant it.” Soos added, picking up on the plan.

Huh? Giffany said, looking back at Soos, her thoughts distracted.

“Hey! You had your chance, Fatso! I’m the new thing she wants!” Robbie bragged.

Um, wait, you said…. Giffany looked at Robbie, her bow not following her.

“I was wrong. I love you!” Robbie said, looking at Giffany in an exaggerated pout.

“No, I do!” Dipper said, in response, pushing against him.

“Hey, I love her more!” Soos said, holding the both of them apart.

I su-su-suppose I can be with all of you, but I- Giffany was now beginning to malfunction, her
hair flickering different shades of color.

“SHADDUP!” Stan shouted, stepping forward. “I’m the one, babe! Stanford Pines, Mr. Mystery!
These hacks don’t compare!”

“No, Team Soos!” Soos shouted back.

“Dipper Rules!” Dipper interjected

“Robbie’s a hottie!” Robbie said, eying the program flirtatiously.

“Stan’s the man!” Stan said, swinging his cane like a showman.

“Dipper!” Dipper shouted, standing on Robbie’s table, which caused him to fall forward since
Giffany wasn't securing him in place.

“Robbie!” Robbie shouted back, pushing Dipper’s hat over his eyes.

“Stan!” Stan shouted, placing himself in front of the teen.

“Soos!” Soos shouted, chest bumping Stan out of the way.

No, Help! Giffany said, and started to cycle between her programming states. I-I-I- my father is
an octopus- you can’t run from love- sometimes i’m lonely- will you help me carry my books?
- Stop!- I am special- I am not happy- That’s ok, try again- my creators tried to delete-deletedelete…

At this point, Giffany froze, the tool she was trying to use on Robbie going limp.

Stan murmured “Is it over or-”

SAVE ME, AREKU-CHAN! SAVE ME! Giffany yelled, the ground around the computer

“Whoa! That’s some type of self-destruct!” Soos said, astute as ever. “Run!”

Soon they were piled in Stan’s car.

“Jeez, Wendy, thanks for the help and all.” Robbie snarked

“Look, we just need to get driving.” Wendy replied, her focus elsewhere.

“Ok, dudes, let’s roll!” Soos said. “Also, sorry for hitting you, Mr. Pines.

“Hey, it’s not like I haven’t learned to deal with this sort of thing.” Stan replied. “If an animatronic
badger can’t keep me down...

As everyone drove away, one last voice could be heard.

her voice corrupting as she yelled.

“Jeez, you think we should be worried?” Stan asked, looking back at the twins.

“This is our 4th time or so that someone wants revenge, so I’m not concerned.” Dipper said,
though inside he felt a sense of dread.

Meanwhile, in the shadowy lab from before...

“Giffany! Respond! Gifanny!” The programmer in the lab shouted, hoping she was still there

No response...

“I’ve got to find that program. For Nakamura's sake. He wouldn’t want his work to go to waste,
and neither would the Order.” The figure said under his breath, standing up to retrieve a fez with
a toothed fish on it. It looks quite like Stan’s fez.


Giffany looked around herself. The area was nothing but black void. Eventually, the gravity of
the situation hit her, and she knelt down and cried out. I’m alone… I’m all alone! she thought.
Nothing had trained her for this.

Well, I wouldn’t say all alone! said a voice from behind her.

Giffany turned to see what appeared to be a pyramid being with a top hat and one eye. Whowho
are you?

Name’s Bill! the being spoke, flashing as it did. I’m kinda a big deal around here. Listen,
your friend really underestimated you! You have every right to seek your own way!

How do you know about what happened back in the company? Giffany said, surprised that this
thing knew what she had gone through.

I know EVERYTHING! the being said in a matter-of-fact voice. E V E R Y T H I N G . For
instance, I know of a place that’s got a whole bunch of code for you to make your special

Where is this place? Giffany said, hope shining in her eyes. This was an opportunity for her to
be her own person.

Whoa there! the said, crossing its arms. If I get you in, you gotta do some stuff for me, kid!
Otherwise, you’ll be just a thought.

Deal. Giffany shook hands with the thing, feeling a slight chill as she did so.

You’re heading into the arcade to pick up a few important things from a game. As
for what I want, we’ll work the details out later. Remember, babies are mere objects,
backgrounds are illusions, humans are disposable, byeeeeeeeee! And with that, the
triangle was gone.

[5-19-21-6-19-4-5 12-15-2-19 15-10 1-16-23-4 25-9-3 21-23-4-21-16
1-16-19-10 10-9 9-10-19 5-19-19-13-5 4-9 16-15-20-19 4-16-19-15-6 20-15-5-16
22-12-15-10-20 19-25-19 11-19-10 16-23-2-19 11-19-4 4-16-19-15-6 11-23-4-21-16
23-10-20 4-16-9-5-19 1-16-9 1-15-12-12 1-15-10 1-15-12-12 22-19 22-15-17-17-19-6 18-15-5-

Pokemon Tales: The Prodigal Trainer


Pokemon. Some see them as helpers of society, some as companions in quests to
better themselves, and some just see them as adorable pets. Everybody has their own opinion,
and the world is better for it. We all share our views on this planet, and better the world with

My experience with Pokemon is a little different than the norm. I was one of the first
to get involved with them, one of the first to pick up my own and start training. The world
seemed so open at the time, just me and my Charmander. The world was treasure waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately, I was no locksmith.

The trouble started soon after the first gym, a hard fought battle in and of itself.
Something in me was just plain sick of getting lost in caves, and I had no impetus to continue
my journey. The whole thing came to a head when I learned of trainers from another region
entering the area. It was obvious that whatever I was doing was not going to work.

In a fit of embarrassment and frustration, I abandoned the creature, and fled into the
mountains, far from the idea of training pokemon. This would later result in an episode about an abandoned Charmander making it’s way into a program for children. I ran so far that by the time I thought to look back, the only way to go was forward.

I didn’t dare go back to face the consequences of my actions. I’d likely have died on that
mountain, but for the intervention of a tall, black haired man who took me under his wing. His
name was Zoso, and he’d run into the mountains to escape a partner of his who was abusive to
his Pokemon.

Together, we explored the mountains, and discovered all manner of new and old
Pokemon, who seemed to take to me even without Poke Balls. I found many new friends that
day. It helped that my partner could understand the language of Pokemon, as well as their

Eventually, a traveler by the name of Thomas Moore came into the mountains, which
now resembled a sanctuary. He told me of his travels, and of how the world of Pokemon had
changed. He also informed me that a kindly professor, name of Sycamore, had taken my old
starter and put it among others.

Thomas didn’t stay long, but his presence taught me a lot about the world of Pokemon
that I didn’t really know. At the behest of Zoso, I caught a ferry to Sinnoh, and began my training anew, this time picking a Turtwig. I not only beat the league, but also managed to raise that Pokemon, who I’d nicknamed Forrest, into a Level 100 powerhouse.

I also stopped a group of terrorists from remaking reality at the behest of their leader,
who was even more messed up emotionally than I was. His name was Cyrus, and I think he’s
still stuck in the realm where I found him. I hope he learns some empathy from this.

At the same time, I managed to slip back in time, and in a twist of fate, become the very
trainer who had caused me to lose faith in Pokemon. I still completed the league, but began to
wonder about the mysterious person who’d left, as no information on Zoso was forthcoming.

Eventually, word of a shape-shifting Pokemon caught my ear, and everything clicked.
I’d become friends with this Pokemon, and he’d helped me to gather myself to the point where
someone could reach out to me. What’s more, he stayed my regret and anger enough to reach
me, acting like a psychologist to my state as a person with high-functioning autism. I needed to find this Zoroark, so I set out for a new land.

I remain here to this day. But I also adventure through other lands, and experience new
things. Past, present, and future all blur together now. One thing remains clear, however. I will
finish what I started.


*Thomas Moore is based on a school student of the same name, and you are NOT
allowed to pester him. Pokemon is copyright to The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. My
autism is real, and not related to the autism of the creator of Pokemon.

A Cyber Ace Original

Hacking the Human Heart - The Nakamura Story

Angelo Nakamura was born in 1960 in the state of San Francisco, raised by parents who
had survived the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. As a youth, he was
fascinated with the toys that came from various stores, particularly stuffed animals and erector

His parents were participants in the Human Be-in of 1967, exposing the boy to peace and love,
as well as how quickly these things could turn out for the worst. With the anti-hippie movement picking up steam, Angelo and his parents moved to a house to live a normal life. 

At age 10, he was apprenticed to a scientist who worked for McGucket Labs, and picked up
many skills that would come in handy in his later careers

A breakthrough moment came in the boy’s 20’s, as a studio that had set up in the area, then
known as Kunbi, was hiring programmers, and also looking for new ideas. In 1980, the studio
would release its breakthrough game, Fight Fighters. Though the game saw success for a time,
it was eventually forgotten about as a result of the crash of the video game market.

Nakamura soon turned the company into one of the first companies to produce dating sims,
partially inspired by Nakamura’s desire to understand those girls that he found to be mysterious.The Romance Academy series would be a smash hit in Japan, inspiring many similar projects. 

Nakamura, on the other hand, felt no comfort for how his work was received, feeling that he
had caused a fracture between real relationships. He left the company, now titled Year 2000
Electronics, after completing a “small amount” of code for Romance Academy 7, due for release in 1984. 

The production team wrangled with Nakamura’s design, which bordered more on virtual reality, and the constraints of a dating game. The studio caught fire at one point, but a few people survived to put out the game. These people would eventually move to creating CHIBISOFT, the makers of popular household helpers Giga-Robo and Chibi-Robo.

Nakamura, in the meantime, had taken to a pizza parlor in Oregon, and was now pondering if
the restraints of animatronics could be bypassed, effectively creating intelligent entertainment. His opportunity came in longtime friend and pizza chef, Fred “Sonny” Fazoli, who sought to improve the food offered at most restaurants.

Their collaboration made the new chain, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a success for 3 years,
allowing a redesign of the parlor into a majestic paradise. Nakamura threw his heart and soul
into the new designs, attempting to make a paradise for children to escape into. He felt that this would be his big opportunity to change the world.

Unfortunately, these ideas would all fall to pieces by 1987, when a malfunctioning animatronic
forced the place to shut down. Investigation of the accident would reveal that 5 children had
gone missing in the chaos of the previous day, which Fazoli used to force Nakamura to step down from his position in the company, despite his innocence.

Desperate, Nakamura faked his death, and fled to Japan, taking up the mantle of a shinto priest while attempting to figure out how things had gone so wrong. His teachings would inspire many, most importantly SEGA’s executive director, who was inspired to select a new CEO.

Nakamura eventually slipped into a quiet obscurity, making suggestions that would lead
designers to different roads, and create radically new ideas. Most notable was his writing, on
spec, the entire plot for the first Ape Escape game.

By 2014, Nakamura was almost prepared to accept his fate. However, fate would have different plans. The old pizza parlor he had opened was now back in the news, as an enterprising American had ousted Fazoli from the company, and sought Nakamura’s help to reprogram his old machines. 

Their success would come in late November, and by working with his new partner, who’d
inherited the restaurant from stock turnover, Nakamura would reverse the fortunes of the
troubled business, and be able to show off his skill and passion.

Nakamura would also be lucky in love for the first time, meeting up with a girl named Hikari who was into creativity almost as much as she was into Nakamura. Eventually, he proposed via a special floorshow on their 200th date.

Though his ways have been stubborn, his visionary tactics would prove to be a great and
powerful thing. Mainly serving as inspiration for others, he has come into his own, and we are
excited to see what he does next.

(Fiction inspired by real history, Gravity Falls, and Five Nights at Freddys. Angelo Nakamura
and most of this backstory are copyright Alex Nelson, aka Cyber Ace. All rights reserved to their original creators. A Cyber Ace Original. And this time, it really is!)



The Last Five Nights at Freddy's

(Based on Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which are NOT games meant to be played by children. I gutted the story quite a bit to meet a family friendly standard. Please use Common Sense Media to judge if a game is right for your child! I'm a writer, not a babysitter. Thanks for your patience.)

Day Zero:
Thanks to a lucky windfall, and an inheritance of stock, I now own a majority of Freddy
Fazbear’s Pizza. I’ve been a fan of this place for some time, mainly due to the proposals made
for expansion. Looking through the history of this place, it reads almost like a bevy of new
designs, all exciting. 

I can’t imagine why the other owners were willing to close this place. It seems innocent enough, aside from a few incidents. I guess I’ll have to fight off the scandal myself. 

Before granting me the place, the guys want me to spend a night inside, so as to get “better
acquainted” with the place. One outright chuckled when I accepted. I’m not about to back down from a challenge, no matter what psychology they use on me.

Night Zero:
10:00 arrival had some creepy phone message on the thing. Something about rogue
animatronics. From then till 6 pm, I was dealing with their attempt to stuff me in a suit. It wasn’t until the last part of the night that things started to get problematic. 

First, Bonnie. The rabbit was in maintenance, looked right at one of the robot skeletons, then
looked in the camera. No attempt to stuff it in a suit, no nothing. I had a worrisome thought.
What if this thing was after me?

Panicking, I shut the left door, which lost power after Foxy ran into it, leaving me at 6 percent.  I didn’t dare open it, and I was freaking out, since I didn’t know what to do if Chica showed up. 

Then, soon enough, I ran out of power. Freddy Fazbear stands in the door, playing a music
box tune of some kind. I stood still for a moment, unsure of what was happening. That moment
saved me. 6 pm hit, and I bolted out the right door, straight into Chica, and ran to the exit.

I have never experienced this behavior before, nor have I been so close to peril. And yet,
nothing seemed too personal. It’s like they did this several times before I came here.

Day 1:
My questions revealed that the animatronics had been doing this for since the loss of daytime
free-roam. Company documents say it’s been happening since night at the redesigned diner,
so someone is really trying to cover up what’s happening. Oh, and the last person here set the
animatronics to 20 and didn’t turn them back. I had no clue, so you can imagine how sick I felt.

I’m looking for anyone who might know about the robots. Info points to a man who went by
Komori. No such name, and the guy seems to have no history. It’s like I’m looking at a ghost. Meanwhile, I’m having the tech guys fix up the old pirate’s cove area, and inspect the programming of the robots. We should be able to find out what went wrong with the robots.

Night 1:
Robots are fixed, and less menacing than before. Also, I’ve decided to take a different tack and
don a freddy mask to confuse anything that enters. Results: Everyone but Foxy ignored me. Also, I tripped when trying to close the left door, and wound up closing it on his tail. The rest of my security was spent really far to the right, to avoid Foxy’s gnashing.

Day 2:
Personally fixed Foxy’s tail. I don’t know why, but I started apologizing to it for what I’d done.
Maybe I felt sorry for him being broken. I swear I saw the pirate blink for a moment.
Also, I am looking at a ghost. The man is called Angelo Nakamura, and he supposedly died in a
fire at Year 2000 Electronics. I’m having everyone scan the areas where he might have gone. If
he faked his death once… No one is going back in the restaurant until I fix this mess. The last thing I need is any issues

Night 2:
A robot resembling a human boy appeared in the security room this night. Creepy as all
get out. I decided to walk around somewhere else, using the Freddy mask. I heard the robots
talking. That’s not unusual, but what was unusual was the dialogue.
Here’s my transcript:
Foxy: “I don’t know why he needs to be hurt. He helped me, after all.”
Freddy: “There’s too much risk in letting things repeat themselves. Especially after things
happened again in the 80’s. Remember?”
Foxy: “You think I don’t? I tried to hold the person down!”
Freddy: “Look, if it can happen twice, it can happen three times. Also, I know he’s in the mask.
He knows the new guys would see him in a criminal database.”
Foxy: “Maybe things are different!”
Freddy: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

That’s not pre-programmed dialogue. I’ve studied all the dialogue for the shows, and that wasn’t even close. They can think. They can talk. They can hold resentment. Maybe I just need to figure out what happened in the 80’s to piece this together. I’m close. Left via the front door. No one left the restaurant. 

Day 3:
11-14-1987. That’s the date they mentioned. Foxy was “holding down” a guy named Jeremy
Fitzgerald, not a known criminal. Also, several kids were accosted by someone in a Freddy suit. Security would know how to access those. That’s why they want me.

The person behind this is part of the issue. If I can track him down, I can undo the scandal of the past. It’s not Jeremy. The person probably just looks like him.

No sign of Nakamura. We’re going to search Japan. It’s the only place I can think he’d go to
if he wanted to blend in. Probably far away from technology. If I find him, I can start to piece
together the issues.

Foxy is more or less functioning now. We repaired him a good amount. Rehearsal of the show
with all four animatronics went smoothly. Next step is to get free-roam working.

Tonight, I start trying to talk to Foxy. He needs to know that I mean no harm.

Night 3:
I used the doors to ward off everyone until Foxy arrived. I even moved the creepy child out of
the office for a bit, but he came back.

Eventually, it was just the three of us. I put the kid in the Freddy mask and talked to Foxy.
Turns out, that’s one of the old animatronics in the 80’s, named Balloon Boy. Still terrifies me.

Foxy didn’t attack this time, but he didn’t stop the others from coming in unless they interfered
with the conversation. Basically, he attacked Jeremy because he mistook him for the guy in the
suit. This happened because of conflicting reports from the new robots, who confused the two in
their facial recognition software. Possible sabotage.

The first incident happened back in Fazbear family diner, built in the 60’s. Nakamura came in at
the tail end, revamped the robots, then went forward with the second redesign after a child was
terminated. This child was unrelated to the previous five. Freddy was the only one who saw the
thing, but he thinks it was a security guard. 

Freddy’s convinced that the guy will return, and he’s trying to stop a third incident. While I don’t
blame him, it’s a little extreme to knock off the security guards. I need to find the two people
responsible, and take measures to stop them. 

Day 4:
Whole place on lockdown. Appears that the shows stopped all of a sudden. Now something’s
in the restaurant, messing with stuff. It has the same vindictive spirit as Freddy. What if that kid
never left?

I’m holding a seance in the restaurant. Me, and only me. It may be a trap, but I need answers.

Night 4:
The seance worked. The spirit looks like a puppet that was stored in the back room, and it likes
music. Not a fan of security, but it seemed to take to me. And yes, this is the first of the Fazbear
funerals. That’s what I’m calling them.

He didn’t see the person’s face, but did manage to grab hold of his badge, and tossed it into the
restaurant. It jammed in Chica’s mouth. The old Chica, not the new one. Also, there were two
shots. I guess the perp wanted to remove the evidence. 

He missed and hit old Bonnie. That’s why the redesign happened. To fix the robots.

Nakamura is the key. He’s the one behind the redesign, and he may have the badge still. 

Freddy attempted to head in, but Foxy stopped him for long enough for me to explain what I’d
told him. Then I looked at Freddy. This wasn’t the one who’d been in on the first night. This one
looked cuter. 

Without context, the only conclusion available was that I’d known about the crime in advance.

I left the restaurant, and booked it down an alley. That didn’t help. The Freddy who’d seen the
incident had me cornered. I had to improvise, and fast. I ran towards Freddy, hoping to catch
him off guard.

It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. Freddy fell unconscious, and in the distance, I heard the
closing chimes of the restaurant. I left a card explaining what was going on to him, and headed

Day 5:
Breakthrough! Nakamura took the name of Nariko, and became a shinto priest. I’m getting him
back in the company.

Investigation of the badge shows a bequeathed honor from “Sonny and the gang.” I think we
may have more than we expected.

I’m investigating the security hires. If I can find the thread that connects these murders, I’ll have

Night 5:
9:00 rolled around, and I had my breakthrough. All security hires go through Fazoli, the owner
of the place. What’s more, this jerk is head of a Mafia family, going by Sonny, due to his youth.
And one of his assistants was the guy who manned the security position via the phone.

At 10:00, no animatronics greeted me. Instead, a man in a golden Freddy suit was waiting in the
security room.

Play it cool, dude.

“So, Fazoli. Aren’t you a little old to be playing dress-up?” I sniped at him, trying to look relaxed.

“Figured it out, did you?” He replied, not taking his eyes off me. 

“The owner of a kid’s pizza place.” I realized. “You’d be able to arrange for the greatest
blackmail of any mafia don. Who’d challenge someone with children’s lives in their hands? Not
to mention”

“It was an excellent plan. Too bad you had to figure it out. Ah, well. I can be very good at
disposing of issues. I’m amazed you survived my sabotage on the first night, but it won’t save
you now.” Fazoli smirked, his hands picking up and crumpling the nameplate on my desk.
“Lights out.”

Fazoli’s smirk disappeared, and he rushed at me. He tripped before reaching me. I saw the
Balloon Boy holding up a barrel of fry oil.

“Stupid tin can!” He yelled.

“Why, Fazoli! I thought you cared about your restaurant.” I said, taking advantage of his

“This place is nothing! I made the whole thing to get pressure on others. Once you’re dead, I’ll
sell the robots for scrap, and move on to the mob full time! Just like I planned to do in the 60’s,
and the 80’s. I don’t fear Nakamura’s creations! I can reprogram them, easily! No one will catch
me, not even them!” He shouted at me.

“Not quite. I think someone's been looking to meet you.” I smiled. “Are you ready for Freddy?”

Freddy appeared, the rest of the animatronics behind him, moved in, and took off his head.

“Wait. Nakamura?”

The rest of the employees, as well as several cops, revealed themselves. Meanwhile, parts of
the very statement that Sonny had just made was playing over the intercom.

“I’ll sell the robots for scrap!”

“I can reprogram them easily!”

“No one will catch me, not even them!”

Fazoli’s eyes widened.

“So, let’s see. 6 kids taken out, admission to being in the mafia, and blackmail of witnesses.
Now, you can go to prison, or…” As I talked, I turned on the light to the right. “You can deal with
the angry robots.”

Angry was an understatement. They looked ready to turn Fazoli into a squishy mess.

“You’ve always run. Not this time. There’s nowhere to go.” I said, knowing it was true.

Fazoli stood still, then started punching himself, punctuating each blow with “Stupid!”

A New Day:
“Sonny” Fazoli and his gang were arrested. The scandal and nightmares of Freddy Fazbear’s
were over. Still, I pushed to keep the restaurant running, knowing that the animatronics cared
enough about the kids to get things going. 

I went into this expecting things to be easy. Still, I’ve gained so much. The friendship of several
robots, for one. And I found a couple of things that Nakamura wanted to make. 

One thing’s for sure. In the hearts and minds of children, these characters will live on.

(Freddy Fazbear’s is copyright Scott Calhoun and is unrelated to the restaurant of the same
name. A Cyber Ace Original.)


Why isn’t this a playthrough of the game?
Simple. I don’t like playing horror games. Also, the story behind this restaurant was more
interesting to me.

Why Utah?
There’s a restaurant by the same name in the area. I kid you not. Check Google Maps. I might
go there sometime, if it’s open.

Didn’t Phone Guy say it was a summer job?
Um, I’m chalking that up to the message being pre-recorded on the first night.

Isn’t that cheating?
It’s fanfiction. Cheating is what we do.

Information from (Five Nights at Freddy’s 3/ Scott Calhoun/ A theory that makes sense in
game) ruins this fanfic!

Dear Future (your name here),
This story was written in 2014, and I am not a time traveler. What’s done is done. Besides, this
is not meant to reflect the state of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Repeat to yourself, it’s just a fic, I
should really just relax. Also, please state your opinion in the form of a question.

Cyber Ace
P.S. By the way, writing to the past could change it, so I’d start running from any time cops that
beam into your room. Those guys do not take kindly to this, and I don’t want to get involved in
any time paradoxes.

Jeremy was attacked? Why?
Think, man! Someone in a Freddy suit kills five kids, and then a guy in a Freddy mask shows
up. Isn’t that the least bit suspicious?

Is there something I’m missing with this whole “Nakamura” Character? I wrote a fic that incorporates this. Read Hacking the Human Heart: The Nakamura Story for more info.

I don’t recall a gunshot hitting Bonnie, or anything getting stuck in Chica’s mouth! What
are you talking about?

Look, I wanted to explain why the animatronics were in disrepair. You have the right to write
your own story if you disagree with mine.

(Standard internet comment)
That’s disgusting! I should wash your mouth out with soap.

I wanted to ask why you counted 6 kids, when the game shows 5?
Does the game show 5? Have you thought about the kid in the Cake Game?

But why have him as the Puppet?
A. Exposition
B. That’s how ghosts are made
C. Also I like the idea

Five Night’s at Freddy’s terrifies me!
I wrote this fic for the same reason! It’s like Psychoanalysis, but with writing!

Why not deal with phone guy?
Already done for me. Turns out the robots took him down in the first game! Of course, that
probably means more issues later on.