The Dragon Who Fell to Earth

Time and time again, there are dreamers. They sow their craft in different ways, and strange shapes. This is not considered normal.

After all, a normal man usually works under pressure, or with some incentive to provide. It’s an evolutionary tactic that most never break away from. 

The dreamers are different from this idea. No constraint can hold them, no idea can restrain them, and they take many forms.

Our story starts with a dragon. I just wanted to get that out of the way. No, it’s not an evil dragon. It’s just a dragon, just like you are just a person.

The dragon lived in bliss, but bliss can be boring. Especially if you have nothing to compare it to. 

And so it was that the dragon decided to ship out into the void beyond, so as to prove its values to it’s master. 

Perhaps the beast was special enough that it could not enter the world in the natural way. Or maybe it chose to hamper the abilities it had, so as to put itself through the greatest test imaginable.

Whatever the reason, the beast fell into the world restrained, and different in form.

Of course, the dragon still retained some of what was inside of it. It valued hoards, and sought to collect things that it deemed valuable. 

But it lacked knowledge or identity, as it had lost those in the transition. It was only the notice of these peculiar habits by a healer that alerted the new caretakers of the dragon to what they had.

The beast was soon taught in the manner of speech, as it seemed reluctant to communicate. And the beast learned, but did not share its gift, for it felt that such a tool should be honed in private.

Eventually, it spoke, and refined the speech it had into simple phrases. 

The Dragon’s sensitivity was an issue that could not be so tamed, but bit by bit, it was desensitized to what was happening around it.

And then interest sparked, and the beast learned of worlds, and more specifically, of what was fantastic and alien to the humans. 

It was through these explorations that the beast happened upon those who had remained in his realm. But it was only mildly interested, as it sought to explore the world, for reasons that it did not yet know.

It was the Dragon’s education that led it to realize that it valued logic, for whatever reason, and that fact was essential to it. And so it created a new hoard, that of words and wisdom. It valued this hoard like any other, for it is well known that dragons enjoy wisdom. 

In addition, several fits of unpleasant behavior were quelled, and the dragon was bettered in society for it.

Soon, it was seen fit to give the creature greater liberty, and it joined the ranks of many humans. And for a time, all was peaceful.

Eventually, however, the Dragon grew displeased with it’s new area, and wound up breathing its fire towards a maiden who had irked him.

Many knights were called in to subdue the beast, but there was no need for violence. Terrified at what had happened, the dragon slipped into a state of isolation.

Though an attempt to return to its roots was made, the dragon was unhappy, and relapsed into violence once more. It seemed that it would be dangerous to even attempt to bring knowledge of society to this creature.

But a warrior came from the wreckage to tame the Dragon, and together with the companionship it had already made, it managed to find success, and for a time, contentment.

The road was easier. Despite the occasional rage, no protest or attack issued forth from the dragon. But all involved knew that things had to be improved.

And so it was that a soothsayer entered into the Dragon’s lair.

The seer, born under Venus, saw into the truth of the dragon’s heart, and eased it into a state where it could break out from the chains it had imposed upon itself, and allow it to spread its wings.

Not soon after, the beast discovered a passion for writing, and crafted great tales, which it seeks to expand on.

No matter what, however, the dragon has shown the greatest trait of a dragon. Nobleness and honor. To go against these things would be to go against the very being it holds.

This tale is not over. It’s only just begun. But to write the future is an impractical notion.

I can, however, tell you that the dragon is content, and of good spirit. In fact, I know this for a fact.

Who better to write a tale of a dragon, than the dragon itself?