Alex Nelson is not all that old, but he certainly is wise.  

Pull up a branch and enjoy browsing through his collections.



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The home of creative writing and fan fiction for various shows, games, and other instances. Read and enjoy, or at the very least read and tolerate, and see a new take on old classics. Some stories are unique, and will have additional information alongside them.



Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Here is where deep speculation about life and how it is lived is written. All of this is made with the intent to enlighten, and no attacks on human behavior or organizations are intended. Stay and learn, so that you may better yourself, or at least hear one person's opinion in an environment free from trolls and argument.



Art made with Paper 53 (app), and additional commentary on the pieces in question. Ever wondered how albums and singles might be interpreted in different ways? Probably not, but you might be surprised at the variety of techniques on display here, even if the art is somewhat simple.